12 Horoscopes VS Acne

How Do They Deal With It?



Though shy and quiet, Aquarius has always been deep thinkers with a bright mind. That is probably why when a problem such as an acne pops up, Aquarius does not act too quickly and try to solve it in a second. Instead, they choose an anti-acne product best suits their skin type and apply it on a daily basis with patiently.


Friendly, helpful Pisces are known for their kindness, and they show this kindness to anyone or anything, even to pimples. They do not fight it off with harmful substances such as rubbing alcohol; they simply wash their faces frequently. Maybe acne can respect their friendly manner and go away of its accord? Probably not.


Dynamic, speed-loving energetic Aries does not have a time for anti-acne cleansing products or just water. They want a solution immediately. That is why they would try to solve the problem by applying some toothpaste over acne and waiting a couple of hours before washing it to see the result.


Practical Taurus is known for being fond of hedonism and physical pleasures. Is there any acne popping out suddenly? Why not solve the problem by enjoying it? They would most probably go for coconut oil that they use in solving nearly every problem. Who cares it is work or not since it smells and tastes great!


Having two personalities, one being communicative and fun and the other being thoughtful and severe, nobody knows how a Gemini deals with acne-prone skin, except for Gemini of course. Just wash it and leave it or plan a long-term treatment? Maybe both.


It’s difficult to get to know Cancer. I mean, they have such emotional and sensitive personalities, you get scared of their reaction to nearly everything! So they would probably react to an acne problem by crying a bit ad asking questions such as “Oh God, why me?” They may attempt to solve the problem afterward, though.


A natural born leader, creative, brave and confident! Here is Leo, king of all horoscopes! Ready to achieve anything that they put their hands on, Leo will probably go for rubbing alcohol for a radical solution. Aquarius may warn Leo that it’s not the best option for healthy skin, but hey, Leo can never be wrong. After all, Leo is king of the jungle; a little rubbing alcohol can’t do any harm, right?


Seeing even the tiniest, smallest details and having a deep sense of humanity, Virgo is methodological and leaves nothing to chance. They begin their treatment by decreasing the amount of oily food and dairy productions. This meticulous planning continues with finding and applying the best anti-acne product out there. They do not stop there and even start practicing yoga to release stress and avoid more acne in the future. Virgo will probably never have acne ever again.


Peaceful and Fair, Libra doesn’t want a hermit’s life and favor partnership over anything. While others do their search and find cures by themselves, Libra makes a smart move and asks for the cooperation of Virgo. There you are, the problem already solved!


Determined, Scorpio will search for the correct treatment day in day out. Their passionate personality will make this acne problem their utmost priority, and they will come up with the initial cause of acne: dairy food. They will change their diet and solve the problem even before it appears again.


The most philosophical and curious of all, Sagittarius will not buy a single anti-acne product because Sagittarius believe the problem lies within the mind. They will contemplate on how to reduce stress and prevent future pimples popping up.


Traditional, grave and responsible Capricorn will go for the old acne-killing remedy: apple cider vinegar and fresh lemon juice. They will find the finest vinegar and lemons and will apply them over their acne 21:05 every night before bed. No, they don’t think 22:00 would do.

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