Acne Killer = Skin Killer?

Acne Treatments More Harmful Than Helpful

Oh, no, a new pimple just popped out! Yeah, we know, I know, it’s horrible and all, we’ve all been there, calm down, girl. Dealing with acne is the nasty business, but it isn’t impossible by any means. Some acne treatments can solve large pimple of any size. But as is the case with everything, there are the good and the evil type of acne cures. And when I say evil, I mean it. Those treatments are so bad that they kill your skin along with some little acne. Believe me, those cures are as bad as acne itself, and here they are:

Rubbing Alcohol

When dealing with an acne problem, people get very hardcore and try the extreme to get rid of that little troublemaker as soon as possible. This one is exactly why most people immediately turn to alcohol. Well, we all know that drinking alcohol never solves any problems, but that’s not what I mean. I’m talking about rubbing alcohol over acne to get rid of it. Isopropyl alcohol may be useful for removing acne, but it also kills skin cells that may clog the pores and create acne all over again. It may also contain tiny parts of sulfuric acid in it from the manufacturing process. Do you want sulfuric acid, even if it’s tiny, on your face? Yeah, I didn’t think so, either.

Washing Your Face Every Second

Another myth of acne fighting cure looks more innocent than the previous one: water. Yes, acne-prone skin is equal to overly oily skin and getting rid of the excessive amount of oil from your face will probably eliminate any acne. But I intentionally said “excessive amount of oil” because oil on your face is not something wrong. It is perfectly natural and even necessary. So if you wash your face way too much than is necessary, yes, you get rid of any chance of acne. But you also remove that beneficial oil and create bigger problems for your skin in general. Everything in your body is there for a reason, don’t just remove things like that!

Skipping Moisturizer

Solving one problem by creating yet another one is common and skipping moisturizer is easily the most common mistake every girl makes. As most anti-acne products aim at the excessive oil on your skin, they leave your skin drier than it should be. You got rid of a nasty pimple, but how are you going to deal with a deadly dry skin? Moisturizers, of course! Yes, it’s simple as that: all you got to do to avoid killing your skin with dryness is applying moisturizers right after cleaning your skin with an anti-acne product. It’s that easy and even helps you make your skin brighter than usual. Don’t you ever skip your moisturizer if you want a good skin?

Too Many Products

The last mistake that an acne fighting super-girl commonly makes is buying too many products. Girl, you are killing both your budget and your skin by doing that. You apply this cleansing foam right after that cleaning gel applied over an anti-acne peeling mask. Oh God, this is just too much! I get it, you are a warrior, and you want that acne gone by tomorrow morning, but you got to calm down! You are harming your skin to irreparable levels. Just choose one that suits your particular skin type perfectly and stick with it till the very end. Honey, don’t cut off your nose to spite your face.

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