Acne Myth Busting

One of the biggest issues in facial care is acne and the information available is exasperating. On top of this, search results bring back a myriad of wives’ tales, myths and downright lies. An internet search requires you to weed through an entire world of junk to find the truth.
You have probably encountered hundreds of myths in your acne battling quest. Relax for a bit because you have come to the right place. We are going to dispel the top acne myths here and now. This will provide clarity during your facial care journey.

Pimple Gene Pool

The first myth is that you get it from your momma. After many unsuccessful treatments to people start to believe that it is in their genes and they are doomed. Fortunately for you, this is false. A look into acne and genetics investigated identical twins.
These twin sets did indeed produce the same amount of sebum, or facial Sebaceous oil; however, they did not suffer from the same rate of acne (1). Identical twins share the same genes, but not the same eruption which means it does not have as much to do with genetics as previously thought.

Hot water has been recommended as effective against acne for generations. Warm water is very helpful in fighting acne. It causes your pores to loosen allowing you to remove the debris much easier. Warm water will actually rinse a small amount of the dirt clogging your pores away. A quality, gentle cleanser is best to finish the job. Hot water, on the other hand, does clear your pores, but it also sucks all of the moisture from them. To counteract this, your sebaceous glands excrete more oil to rehydrate your skin.

Diet Deception

This section concerns two myths; one about chocolate and one about your plate in general. Chocolate contains both milk and sugar which are two important enemies in the skin care war. For untold decades the myth that chocolate causes acne has been perpetuated to every corner of the world.

This sweet treat may cause certain individuals to breakout; however, there are no specific acne causing properties in chocolate. Opting for darker versions reduce you milk and sugar intake, but does not rob you of the sweet delight. There are also those who say that beyond chocolate diet has nothing to do with your blemishes.

There are tons of fad diets and fly by night meal programs to lose weight, fight disease, or any other goal you can possibly think of. A bit of investigation reveals that while the gimmick diets are junk science, there is overwhelming evidence that what you eat affects every aspect of your health. Doctors prescribe diets as effective treatments for most any health disorder. This includes the health of your skin. There are a number of steps to take to give your skin a beautiful, healthy glow.

•Eat foods high in vitamin E, anti-oxidants, and Omega 3s. Two examples are delicious fish and delectable avocados.

•Avoid highly processed snacks, large amounts of sugar, and fast food. Dairy products are also acne promoting.

•Keep your skin clean using a gentle, soothing scrub at least twice each day. Only use moisturizers which are alcohol, silicone, mineral oil, and petroleum free.


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