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Do Period and Acne Have to Come in One Package?

Being female in this gender-unequal world is difficult enough, minus the painful monthly cycle every one of us suffers from that. But somehow, as if it wasn’t harsh enough to be a woman, some of us also tend to get additional pimples during this monthly cycle. Is that just because we are cursed or can there be a connection between PMS and pimples? The first is also a high possibility, but let’s take a look at the connection between menstruation and acne.


Now it is widely known that female hormones change on a monthly basis and, no matter how painful or inconvenient this is for us, it is in our anatomy. But this hormonal change, research suggests, is also behind seasonal acne problem.


You see, during our period, some hormones are released at higher levels than is normal. Progesterone, one of the internal causes of acne, is one of them. And how is that? As the progesterone levels get higher at around the middle of the monthly menstruation cycle, sebum production is stimulated.


There is nothing wrong with sebum production as it is what makes our skin moist and beautiful. But when sebum production levels are higher than normal, which is the case due to hormonal changes during menstruation, this excessive amount of sebum clogs the pores. When the pores are consequently clogged, pimples are right there enjoying fresh daylight.


Of course, not all women have the same severity of hormonal changes and not all women suffer from a combined problem of period and pimples. Some women even tend to get a smoother skin than normal, thanks to higher levels of sebum. But for some, it is an oily nightmare.


If you are one of those unlucky ones having severe acne problem during your monthly cycle of pain, unfortunately, the cause is internal and changing your diet or doing some yoga won’t help. Using extra-care and applying the right product, however, can have an immense effect on dealing with this seasonal hormonal change.


You cannot change your hormone levels, but you can deal with the results of this internal change with the cream best suiting your skin type. There is hope, after all.


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