“Extreme” Acne Remedy

The Horror Story of Acne Killing – And Simple Solutions

When a common problem gets to extreme levels, you know you are in trouble. Not just one but multiple acne popping out visible parts of your face at the same time or a huge pimple that looks like it will explode at no point are all extreme cases of acne-related horror stories. And the moment we have these master level pimples, we desperately look for a cure everywhere. We call our moms, aunts, that old lady upstairs... We try everything! But what exactly can save us from the horrors of volcanic acne skin? What to do and not to do against age-old acne problem? Here are some extreme cures for all the severe cases of acne out there:

Mum Said Baking Soda Works

Most people tell baking soda is the best acne treatment out there. Their solution to the problem is basically like this: you take three spoons of baking soda, add warm water and mix it so that it becomes a mask you can use on your skin. But the thing is, can a simple solution like this cure a skin type that has been having acne problem for a long while? And is the effect of baking soda even proven scientifically? It turns out the answer is no. Baking soda may decrease the itchy feeling acne create, but in getting rid of pimples and the skin type that produces those pimples, it is fair to say it has no use.

Some Toothpaste Here and Acne is Gone (or Maybe Not)

Another common home-made cure for fighting acne is applying toothpaste onto acne. People tend to believe that by closing all the air from acne, it will dry and disappear. This treatment is so easy that it is the first move a desperate acne-stricken young lady tries. The legend says it is possible to kill acne by simply putting some toothpaste and going to bed, in the morning the acne will be gone forever. Acne is gone forever, really? Since when has any girl got rid of acne once and for all? This is the issue with acne, they keep coming back, and you need to keep fighting them. And you do that by eliminating the cause of acne, not acne itself.

Can Acidy Lemon Juice Help?

Last myth that has been around for longer than we can remember is applying pure raw lemon juice onto all parts of the acne-prone skin. This myth suggests that the acid in lemon juice reduces oil and kills bacteria causing acne. As it is also a very cheap solution, people tend to be more willing to be persuaded into the magical qualities of lemon juice. Again, however, people try to fight the acne problem from the outside and fail to see the real issue lurking beneath their very own skin: skin flora.

Knowing Your Skin Flora is the Real Cure

Having acne is NOT a severe skin problem, it is a natural warning mechanism through which your body warns you to tell you that your ideal balanced skin flora is at risk: something is either too much in proportion or lacking. Acne is simple as that; it is a warning. Naturally, we all have microorganisms residing on our skin, and these microorganisms must be there in every healthy skin in balanced proportions. When some organisms exceed the usual number, your skin warns you trough acne and tells you to deal with the problem, or you will lose that healthy skin. All you have to do is revive that balance in skin flora, and the acne will be gone. Don’t look too much into this. There is no need for painful acidy lemon juice masks or sticky baking soda, just balancing the microorganism on your skin will do the trick. Ah, I wish I knew that back when I was a teenager tormenting my skin with all sorts of home-made sticky liquids!

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