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Five Acne Attitudes You Need to Drop Now

Classic bad news ready to ruin your Friday night: a fresh new piece of little pink acne you have just noticed under your chin, growing bigger every second you look at it. But you are a tough girl, right? Come on; you know exactly how to deal with that. You have been there before, this no big deal, you can do this! Or can you?

Now I know you think you know everything about acne-remedies, but trust me, some of those habits for dealing with this kind of problem are so wrong that it’s a miracle you still have a smooth skin. So, honey, I need you to pay attention to what I’m about to say, cause I’m going to tell you five acne attitudes you need to drop immediately.

Don’t Pop It Just Yet

You want it gone then and there, I feel you, but are you aware that you are doing it wrong? No, I am not talking about how you do it, the issue is more on the timing. Hear me out:

Pimples tend to be smaller and pinker when they first show themselves, but if you try to pop them while they are still tiny, you will tempt them to grow even bigger by putting pressure on the newly growing acne.

Timing is critical at this stage. You need to wait until the pinkness gets redder and bigger, then a white head is visible at the top. There you have it, a fully-grown pimple ready to be popped out of sight.

Who Needs Moisturizer, Anyway? (You, Obviously)

You know all about those invisible heroes that save the day, protect people but never show off, right? Moisturizer is one of them. Maybe powder or foundation can hide anything you want, and they look like heroes, but the real hero is working at night by hydrating your skin after a long day.

It is commonly believed that oily skin causes pimples, but they also show themselves when your skin is not hydrated enough. And who does that? Yeap, moisturizers. Moreover, unlike common belief, these heroes do not add to oily skin problem. That oil you see on your face is only on the surface, and it says nothing about how moist your skin is underneath. Don’t skip the moisturizer ever.

Impatience Is Killing You

Another commonly done mistake is quitting anti-acne creams overnight because your skin did not heal after…half an hour?!

I get it, you want results, but expecting a visible lead to just a couple of hours is insane. That cream has a scientific formula whose anti-acne results are proven. If you want a speedy solution, why don’t you just buy a potion, instead?

Read the instructions behind the product, apply them regularly and repeat, simple as that. Be patient, and you will get your results in no time.


Obsessive Compulsive Scrubber

Pimples are also known for showing up due to clogged pores, which is why people immediately think of scrubbing their faces so that those pores will be able to breathe. This solution here is both right and wrong. Yes, scrubbing helps, but scrubbing your face twice or even thrice a day does not.

First of all, dead cells will naturally shed, they don’t need you pushing them. Secondly, you need physical protection on your face to protect it from pollution in the air or chemicals in makeup products, so stop making it thin and vulnerable to external threats.

Too Much Is Too Much

I get it if you have made one of those mistakes, we’ve all been there once. But freaking out, panicking, going to the store and buying whatever anti-acne treatment you can put your hands on and applying them all in the same day? Now that’s overdoing it.

Your skin is alive, and it cannot be possible handle all those different formulas mixed. Choose one that suits your needs best and goes with it. Applying different formulas all at may even cause your skin to react badly and to grow more acne.

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