Friend or Foe? - Bacteria Is Lurking Inside Your Makeup Bag

This one goes without saying: makeup bags are indispensable parts of our lives now. Anyone who wants to look good against all the odds, male or female, carries these little bags of miracle around them all the time.

About to meet your significant other after work, but have no time to go back home? No big deal, since the makeup bag is here to save the day, hurray! Only the best makeup products have the honor to be inside “the bag.” But is “the bag” really that great, anyway? Research says no. To be honest, research believes “the bag” is pretty disgusting, in fact.

Up-to-date data collected from numerous make-up artists and bloggers in England reveals devastating news for all those makeup bag lovers. It turns out that those bags are full of dangerous bacteria.

It may not be a surprise to realize that old makeup products most probably contain a lot of dangerous bacteria and should be thrown away already. But this new research suggests that even natural ordinary blush whose expiry date is in months-time may contain acne-causing bacteria. Imagine using that same blush to cover your acne problem and complain how it never heals!

So, we all know that our skin is alive and has an eco-system of its own, but it also has a cycle that regularly gets rid of all the dead cells and creates new ones. When you put on the foundation with your favorite brush, that natural cycle is caught up on that very same brush, and the dead cells are swept away by you. That brush of yours is their new home now.

After your brush, or any other similar makeup product, collects these bacteria and is put in your makeup bag without being cleaned properly, bacteria starts to breed then and there. If other makeup products inside that same bag are also carrying similar dead cells, all bacteria has to do is to jump over to its neighbors to spread. And there you have it now: a brand new bacteria bag! It doesn’t have to be a makeup brush, by the way, it seems that even your lip gloss can be a new home for bacteria.

Now that you have learned your long-trusted friend is a foe that is plotting against you, I bet you are already emptying it to clean the whole lot. Good, because if you want to fight those pimples, you need to watch out for both yours and your makeup bag’s hygiene. That is especially the case if you apply makeup on a daily basis.

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