“I Stopped Using Acne Treatment Products That Contain…”

My name is Hazel and I’ve been on a mission to educate women overcome their struggle with acne.

I’ve been an advocate of eliminating acne without using products that contain harsh chemicals such as: benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, or retinol.

Why? Because in the long run, these chemicals actually cause more damage to your skin rather than heal your acne.

I was plagued by acne when I was a teenager, and no amount of acne medications or cleansers helped me. I used everything from Proactiv, Retin A, and even used Accutane as a last resort. All of these products had one thing in common (and it wasn’t getting rid of my acne), I experienced side effects such as: red, flaky, itchy, dry and sensitive skin.

After using Accutane for 6 weeks I had to stop, I couldn’t handle the painful side effects. My face felt like all of the moisture had been sucked out of my face, my skin was cracking, and more sensitive then ever.

So I decided to get off all acne treatments and I promised myself that if I were to ever use any acne treatment products, they would not contain harsh chemicals.

I still wanted to eliminate my acne, so I researched a few lifestyle changes that might’ve helped me: I cut out grease heavy foods, began eating more rich antioxidant foods as snacks (blueberries and blackberries were my favorite), and washed my pillow cases and towels more often. These are just a handful of the changes I tried, and surprisingly (I’ve always been skeptical with things I read on the internet) they actually seemed to help, moderately.

A month went by, I was off of any acne treatment and I was seeing moderate results. Symptoms such as: redness, flakiness, itchiness, and dryness were fading, slowly.

Fast forward a few weeks later and my co-worker, recommended I try a facial cleanser that had been working great for her and her relatives. She knew my whole fight against acne and told me this would be the perfect cleanser because it was free of harsh chemicals, soap, and foaming agents.

So I gave it a try.. This facial cleanser made my skin feel soft and clean – by removing the dirt and excess oil – without stripping out the moisture in my face. I even began to see my acne decrease.

This facial cleanser that my co-worker recommended to me was none other than NERD Skincare’s.

I was so in love with their facial cleanser, that I reached out to them and gave them my feedback. Which is how I got the opportunity to share my story with you. They let me create my testimonial so that I could educate others and let them know you don’t need to use harsh chemicals to fight acne and its side effects.

You can actually purchase their facial cleanser by going to their website. Click here to get the facial cleanser.

I’m sure you’ll love the facial cleanser just as much as I did!

Nerd Skincare has been generous enough to let me write to you every so often. So be on the lookout for my guest blog posts in the future! Thank you for taking the time out to read my story, I wish you the best with your fight against acne!


Thanks for listening,

Hazel W.

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