It’s a Match!

Skin + Bacteria is a Lovely Couple

When it comes to the amount the bacteria invisible to eye, this single word pops into mind: gut! But you know what, there is another part of your body that is hugely visible and is cramming with bacteria: face. Before you rush to the bathroom and try to clean your face off these bacteria, an impossible and unwise decision by the way, let me tell you why it’s actually great to have probiotics – mostly known as friendly bacteria - on your face. Here are the reasons that prove those friendly bacteria are great matches for a perfectly healthy, acne-free skin.

A Romantic Balance

Now these two, your face-skin and friendly bacteria (skin microbiome) are a perfectly balanced couple. To be honest, their relationship completely depends on mutual balance. Recent research suggests that skin diseases such as acne or eczema are caused by an imbalance of good and bad bacteria on skin. Both external and internal changes may cause a decrease in the standard skin microbiome and this can easily cause your skin to communicate the problem through skin problems. Some medication intentionally contain the missing bacteria and supplementing bacteria where needed is a big part of the healing process.

Can’t Live Without One Another

Balance is one thing, but a complete disappearance is a whole different story. Remember those advertisements with cleansing products immensely strong and “anti-bacterial”? Yeah, turns out they are one of the many reasons more people have skin problems these days. Yes, they clean your hands or face perfectly, but they also kill a necessary part of your skin: probiotics. They end a perfectly happy relationship and acne happens as a result.

Clingy is Good

Modern day obsession with being clean and making every part of your body clean is a bit far-fetched. As bacteria are needed for a healthy and acne-free skin, this cleaning obsession can even create big problems that will make you stay at home and hide your face. Researchers suggest that, as they are used in cooking and eating, hands have to be clean all the time. But don’t treat those lovely bacteria helping you look great in the same manner. Love them, cherish every moment with them and just don’t try to clean them off every second.

Get Comfortable Together

I am sure we made it clear that bacteria and skin are inseparable and “anti-bacterial” products cannot stand between them. Neither one can live a healthy life without the other, if I may say. But if we keep getting acne on our face and the reason is lack of bacteria, how do we find the perfect bacteria for our skin? Where do we meet them and persuade them to move in with us? The answer is pretty simple, actually: nature. Just as when we feel a bit blue and go for a walk in the nature, your bacteria balance can also get reinforcements from nature. Hiking, swimming or even playing some volleyball outside is a great way to get in touch with the nature and make skin microbiome get comfortable on your skin. I know, this sounds crazy on a world that hates every bit of dirt, but you need those bacteria. For acne-free days, you should get used to the idea of bacteria on your skin and just get comfy with getting dirty.

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