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Perspiration and Pimples

You, like most people, are probably horrified at the idea of sweating, especially when it involves foul body odor. There is also the misconception that perspiration causes acne breakouts. Though it is widely believed, it is completely false. You may not know it, but sweat is good for your pores and acne.

Ancient cultures knew the powers of sweating and relied on them frequently. These wise men and women knew that perspiring was actually beneficial to your health. You have most likely heard that bathing was an integral part of Roman and Greek life. These bathhouses were set up like public saunas in order to cleanse individuals, in part, by causing them to sweat while bathing.

Native Americans put a great deal of importance on sweat lodges and still practice this ritual much the same today. Those culture knew that sweating helped the body excrete harmful substances. It seems that they were right about a great many things concerning the art or act of healing your body.

Perspire to Purify

There have been numerous studies about the effects and purposes of human sweat. Your body excretes many different types of toxins when you perspire. Researchers (1) have found that as you sweat it assists you in eliminating Mercury; Lead; Cadmium; and Arsenic at the cellular level just to name a few.  


Blemish Bacterium

A bacterium referred to as P. acnes (2) is thought to be responsible for your acne breakouts. This flora is actually normally present in the intestines; mouth; ear; eye; and of course, the skin. Acne is only one of the many infections that it causes throughout the body. Some include infection of the brain, joints, bones as well as can shut prosthetic heart valves and cause prostate cancer causing inflammation.

These bacteria, along with dirt, oil, and dead skin cells, clog up your facial pores. The road block, so to speak, provides the P. acnes a place in which to develop acne, or more accurately, an infection. If you have ever had a pimple burst and smelled it, that horrible odor is a bacterial infection.

In addition to this, since the pore is clogged the amount of oxygen within it decreases. Areas which have low levels of oxygen promote the rapid growth of bacterium. Your body sends a normal immune response and causes the pimple to flare up. It then becomes angry and inflamed.  

Myth Shattering

Sweat contains a peptide which is known as dermcidin (3). It produces antimicrobial, antifungal, and antibacterial activities. These actions destroy the acne causing bacteria and, thereby, the blemishes themselves. It also protects neural cells, allowing them to survive through times of excessive oxidative stress. This type of stress is related to the attack of free radicals which can result in the development of numerous disease including cancer.

Exercise is great for your overall health and well-being. It promotes a positive health cycle as it strengthens your body, your immune system, and your psyche. If you implement a weekly exercise routine which makes you sweat at least a couple of times of week, you could battle blemishes in the process as well.


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