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See What Sophie Says About Her Acne Story With NERD

“Nerd Skincare provided me with both fantastic products as well as extremely helpful skincare tips and guidance on treating my skin. After many years of struggling with my skin it was refreshing to work with a team that adjusted my treatment to fit my needs and a product that left me feeling confident with my skin everyday.”

— Sophie Schneider, San Francisco

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  • I watched the videos. Some are for other skincare products- Huh?? Others are just yakky, vapid bloggers that take 20 minutes to demonstrate how to put on a crap-ton of eye shadow. Whut up??
    I ordered NERD today for my daughter to start using when she comes home for college. I’ve always thought she was really, really sensitive to bacteria, and NERD is the FIRST one that has ever addressed this issue without adding all the other crap that irritated her breakouts. We’ll follow-up!

    Susan B.