To Pop or Not To Pop, That’s the Question

NERD’s take on popping acne

On a sunny and a little breezy day, on a day when the wind touches your skin and leaves its silky mark behind, you feel beautiful. You feel as if the world is yours with every bit of adventure waiting for you. That kind of confidence is rare indeed. But right when you feel this good, a little intruder ruins everything: a pimple pops up! Now your skin feels oily and out of place. That confidence you felt a moment ago is long gone. So, should you show mercy to this little problem? Should you pop it then and there and be done with it? Alas, to pop or not to pop!

Make Your Mind: Should You Pop It?

Most people believe that popping a pimple must be avoided as long as possible. Well, we agree with those people. A pimple is a channel through which your skin gets rid of the excessive amount of oil. Would you want that waste to be all over the place? If you can fix the problem by other means, you don’t have to do that. But if that acne problem is pretty big and already past the time for external acne treatments, then you sort have no choice. You need to pop it. Keep reading; we will let you how to make that decision and proceed with it.

Leave the Small Ones and Go For A White-Head

Now pimples are like wolf packs; they rarely come into existence by themselves. Which acne should you pop and which must be left alone? The answer is simple: leave the kids and fight the monsters. You will notice some acne keeps being tiny at first and get big eventually. When acne gets big and becomes white-headed, it means that acne matured and has to be terminated. Or it will pop by itself, and you may not have the chance to clean it properly and hygienically. But remember: you need to stay away from the little acne because they are not ready yet and popping them will not get rid of them.


The Proper Way to Pop Acne

Now that you know which ones to pop and which ones to leave alone, you may proceed with NERD’s way of popping those little trouble-makers. Firstly, you find an immaculate piece of cloth and wash it with warm (not cold or too hot, just warm) water and squeeze it well. Now put the cloth gently on the white-headed acne and press just a little. Hold it there until it cools down so that all the liquid will be ready to come out. After the cloth cools down, move your finger a little bit and gently slide the cloth. This way the head will loosen up in no time and with no pain. As you are already pressing the cloth on acne, the liquid will be cleaned quickly, without influencing surrounding skin or other acne. If that is one nastily stubborn acne, you got there, repeat the same procedure as long as needed. Take your time; it will be over in two takes at most.


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