Was That You, Mom? Genetic Story of Acne

Imagine that you are 16 years old and you get severe acne every time you eat anything remotely oily. Your best friend, on the other hand, has a diet consisting of pizza followed by a whole package chips and there is no sign of acne on the horizon. “What have I done to offend the gods?” is probably crossing your mind. Relax, you are innocent. Your ancestors inherited the damage all the way down to you and in irreversible. Yes, your mother had severe acne, too.

According to recent research, only 19% of acne-prone skin is tied to external factors and a massive 81% of the problem is caused by some unfortunate genes. Scientists collecting data from about 500 twins find out that acne is a genetic problem. Well, at least you have a decent reason to be angry with your parents now.

But is this the end for all those people with all the wrong genes? Will they spend the rest of their lives in the shadows, only going out into the daylight to buy some concealers and live the life of a hermit? NO! There is always an answer for the ones looking at the right place.

Although acne is found to be mostly a genetic skin problem, this does not necessarily mean that everyone with the wrong genetic codes will suffer from severe acne throughout their lives. Even with acne-genes, you may not have an acne-problem at all. And how is that? With low sugar diet and stress-free life-style, of course.

According to the data recently collected, some people with acne genes have never undergone a severe acne problem. People living in Asian countries, for example, have a diet with lower sugar and they go to saunas regularly.

As it is a regular habit for people living in Asian countries to take care of their skin on a daily basis, pimples seem never to visit their skin. Even if they have acne inside their genes, their healthy lifestyle helps them avoid a possible outburst.

But when those same people move to other countries whose dietary preferences are not as healthy and they change their habits, their skin immediately reacts with severe acne. See? Even with the wrong genes, you can still keep it under control.

Besides, even if you do not have the acne genes on you, you are still in danger if you do not follow a healthy diet or use the right anti-acne products that suit you the best. This fight is not over yet; genetics do not have the final word. Now take a deep breath, release the stress out and apply your anti-acne cream.

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