Why Acne Always Chooses Me?

Five habits Lead Acne Prone Skin

We are all too familiar with those little evil pimples popping up at the worst time. It feels as if they are plotting against us and watching for our most important life events to pay a visit. But what if this is not the case? What if those little things are just an innocent outcome of what we do on a regular basis? Maybe it is us, not them the little pimple things, that cause this mayhem. Here are five habits we all have that eventually result in an unwanted pimple and an acne prone skin.


Way Too Dry, Sweetie

Now it’s one thing to say that acne prone skin is unwanted and another actually to do something about the problem at hand. But the thing is, sometimes trying to solve the problem makes things even worse. Yes, I’m talking about anti-acne cleansing products that we all use to protect our skin against possible pimples.

These cleaning products, especially products for face, target oily skin. But as the target is oily skin, they tend to have an over-drying effect and eventually clog the pores. Alcohol-based formulas used in some cleansing foams also have the same effect. The best solution is either to use a product which does not over-dry your skin or to apply a balanced moisturizer after cleansing.

Paris-based photographer Marta Bevacqua.


Messy Make-Up Brushes

Brushes are a girl’s best friend. We all use them. From foundation to eye shadowing, you can apply all those colors with only the right brush, and without it, those colors mean nothing. But using your brush this frequently and applying makeup products on your skin may cause some bacteria form in brushes. Even if it’s not bacteria, a frequently-used brush will be too dirty to use after two weeks of daily make-up.

Using the same brush without cleaning it at least once every week will undoubtedly increase your chances of getting acne all over your face.


Don’t Touch It

Another bad habit that welcomes all the pimples underneath your skin to come out is frequently touching your skin. Maybe you are just checking your make-up, or an itching spot doesn’t matter. Your hands may not always be clean enough and bringing up unseen bacteria or dirt from elsewhere to your skin will inevitably clog those pores.

So just control yourself and leave your face alone for a change!


Breaking News: Milk Is Bad For You

Your parents have probably raised you up with lots of dairy products, and doctors kept saying these were good for your bones. They may be good for bones, but also they call for acne. Some components in milk are relating to testosterone hormones and these influence oil glands. As we all know, oil glands mean more acne. Maybe you should lessen the amount of milk? Or maybe you can go veggie for a few days every week? Your bones got enough milk, give your skin a break.



Choose Wisely: Foundation

When your skin acts weird, most of us go for a life-saver superhero: concealers. Yes, these superheroes can conceal, but do not try to cover up a bad-looking pimple. Most concealers and foundations have titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, and silica in them and these are very bad for your pores. But there is also the issue of a horrible-looking pimple, what to do? Surely, skipping the foundation all together and going for a light make-up with a focus on the eyes can always work miracles and your skin can breath in some air. If the pimple problem is a disaster, you can apply a minimum amount of organic concealer on the area with acne by avoiding to covering all of it and only applying the concealer in circles.



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