My face tends to get super dry and flakey when the temps dip. This gel-like mask really sticks to skin, and delivers loads of hydration via hyaluronic acid and ceramides. Even better, it gives me an anti-aging boost thanks to firming peptides. 
—Sheryl George, Beauty Editor, InStyle

One new beauty company is taking the science of biocellulose masks to the next level. The brand is aptly called NERD Skincare, and it makes sheet masks from a proprietary strain of bacteria called acetobacter xylinum. 

A serum like NERD's Acne Treatment delivers a lightweight veil of protection allover.


Soothing licorice root extract. Regenerative apple stem cells. Hydrating hyaluronic acid, ceramides.

NERD skincare masks are grown from a strand of bacteria, allowing the products to hydrate and soothe damaged skin. 

I brought home
NERD Skincare's Acne Treatment and was surprised that the bottle said it was free of benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid.


Damaged skin cells in need of restoration get it via the Skin Repair Master Mask from NERD Skincare.

These are good quality products. You can feel it when you use them. Ultimately, I was impressed by the brand. I did love the nourishing cream and acne treatment. For me, they had great results.

All in all, I’d recommend to girlfriends who are trying to avoid the acne products with harsh acids/peroxides with a flair for science and gorg packaging.

Carbon-based molecules encourage these good bacteria, epidermidis, to produce short-chain fatty acids that supress the growth of bad bacteria, which can cause redness, inflammation and acne. By balancing their ‘facial flora’, consumers will receive more natural, less aggressive treatment that caters to their exact skin needs.

The current world of skincare science is largely superficial and clinical, but NERD is about expressing the real beauty in science. We needed to move the brand forward by creating a powerful, unique and enduring new language that captures this new standard in beauty.

The opportunity for NERD is to cut through a crowded beauty category, challenge the notion that we only have one type of skin, and capture the living, changing relationship we have with our bodies. Ultimately, transcending skincare on a purely product level to create a personalized brand system and lifestyle brand that the NERD consumer can live with and incorporate into their lives.


The revolutionary skincare brand NERD started a radical innovation in skincare by tailoring their products to encompass the ever-changing facial microbiomes.

Design consultancy Pearlfisher has developed a new visual identity for NERD that aims to demystify and communicate its personalised approach to skincare. The brand’s products work with a user’s microbiome, otherwise known as their individual skin bacteria, rather than strip it away.