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The Nerd difference

Almost every acne treatment product available today uses either benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. These harsh chemicals work by killing all bacteria on your face, leaving it sensitive, fragile, and unable to defend itself against external irritants. Here’s an experiment we performed to show how reactive these chemicals actually are; they stain your pillowcase like bleach!

We refuse to use any of those harsh chemicals because you shouldn’t have to settle. Yep, your body already knows how to fight acne, it just needs a little help! Essentially, we help the good bacteria fight off the acne-causing bacteria. Think of the good bacteria on your face as the outer layer of your immune system. And here’s why fighting acne with your own immune system is so much better than using harsh chemicals (besides that it sounds scientifically awesome).

Instead of killing off the good bacteria, we leverage it to…

  1. Fight off the bad -> no acne
  2. Keep facial ecosystem in balance -> no side effects (redness, dryness, sensitivity, flakiness
  3. Crowd out the space for acne-causing bacteria to grow back less/more manageable future breakouts