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The Nerd Skincare Mission

The NERD world

What we believe is simple. What we create is powerful. Because it revolves around you.

We use your whole body to help your face

Everything you do to your body, put into your body, and put on your body has an effect on your skin. At the same time, we know that everything your body was born with can be used to optimize your skin. So we’re digging deep into science to create formulas that harness the power of your own body to get rid of acne, resist age and control skin diseases like eczema and psoriasis.

We think big about the little things

We look at your biology on a microscopic level, which helps us to wage smart germ warfare every day. And it helps us wage smart germ warfare every day. By working to balance and supercharge your skin’s microbiome, we create a unique ecosystem of perfectly balanced facial flora, which lets your skin thrive, rather than just struggle to survive.  

We believe in age-neutral skin

We don’t believe in young skin or old skin. We believe in age-neutral skin that looks amazing at every moment of its life cycle. We don't look at the calendar to determine what your skin needs — we define it at the cellular level. Then we create it.

We know that pain is not gain

Our motto is first, do no harm. So burning, smothering, peeling, poking and scraping is not the answer. If a product solves one problem and creates another, you’re getting a temporary solution and a permanent problem. Not worth it. We’re about giving you results, not side effects.

Why NERD works—we see acne differently

Acne is a bacteria. Traditional acne-fighting ingredients wipe out the acne bacteria on your skin — but they also destroy the natural acne fighters that keep skin clear and healthy. They can also strip your skin of much-needed moisture, making skin appear older than it is, quicker. Side effects suck. That is why we stand by our mission and firmly believe that skincare products should not cause more problems than they solve, and they should not put your health at risk. When NERD helps your body to do what it was meant to do, your skin will show it.

How to get rid of acne—the NERD way!

We’re obsessed with our mission and will never stray from what we believe: skincare shouldn’t cause more problems than it solves. And it shouldn’t put your health at risk. When NERD helps your body do what it was meant to do, your skin will show it. Which will wipe the cycle of frustration and insecurity off your face for good.