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Skincare products that leverage good bacteria


Fights off bad bacteria

Nerd Skincare products naturally neutralize acne-causing bacteria for healthier, blemish-free skin.


No side effects

Keeps facial ecosystem in balance naturally with no side effects such as redness, dryness, flakiness, or skin sensitivity.


Replaces with good bacteria

Fills the space taken up by acne-causing bacteria with good bacteria, which helps prevent future breakouts.

Leveraging good bacteria to fight acne

Why NERD works. We see acne differently.

Acne is a bacteria. Traditional acne-fighting ingredients wipe out the acne bacteria on your skin — but they also destroy the natural acne fighters that keep skin clear and healthy. They can also strip your skin of much-needed moisture, making skin appear older than it is, quicker. Side effects suck. That is why we stand by our mission and firmly believe that skincare products should not cause more problems than they solve, and they should not put your health at risk. When NERD helps your body to do what it was meant to do, your skin will show it.

What our customers are saying

I'm actually quite amazed at how well this product works. I've spent many dollars over the years trying different acne treatments, only to end up disappointed. I had an angry pimple on my shoulder. I applied just a drop or 2. In the morning I was was no longer red and irritating. After another day (2 applications) it is just about gone. I will buy this again in the future and recommend it to people. I like the dropper lid....makes application so easy. It doesn't sting or burn like some treatments do.

Dawn M. Loughner

Awesome! Works great! My daughter says this is the best! She has a problem with acne and this seems to help her. I will be buying this again.

Leo Kincaide

Great for sensitive skin!! It's a very liquidy, lightweight serum type acne treatment. A small amount over affected areas is all you need. It is very gentle on the skin. I have sensitive skin and I've been out on the sun a lot, but this treatment hasn't bothered my skin at all! It's very mild but boy does it pack a punch! My blemishes caused by clogged pores and hormonal pimples are gone! This works wonders! Would definitely recommend!!


Helps with my Adult Acne This Acne Treatment has really been helping me with my bouts of Adult Acne. My husband has used it too and he also likes it. I have noticed a difference in our skin and no irritation, no bad smell, not greasy or oily feeling, doesn't make your skin feel tight after 'it has soaked into your skin. I am really pleased with this product because it has changed how I handle my adult acne & I would recommend the Nerd Acne Treatment to everyone needing a product like this one!

Teresa V.

What a fantastic and moisturizing cream what a fantastic and moisturizing cream. I have dry skin. I'm looking for products to properly moisturize my skin. my biggest problem is when I apply make-up, I feel as though my makeup looks Kiki and not smooth on my face. I first applied to cream to my face. I find it feels very moisturizing and creates a dewy glow to my skin. I wait a few minutes and then I apply my Foundation. The result is a very creamy smooth look. I love this product.

Kim Westbrooke

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