Leveraging good bacteria to fight acne

Acne Treatment System


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The ultimate solution to acne probelm

Get clear skin now and forever. Each one is powerful on its own,
and they’re work miracles when used together.

  • work miracles
  • Skin Repair &
  • Clear face &
soothen skin
  • Retain Moisture& Good Skin
  • No side-effectsSuitable for
Senstive Skin
The Smartest Germ Warfare Anywhere

By bringing microbiome research to acne and acne bacteria,
we’ve found a way to get rid of acne three times faster than conventional products — without the bleaching and drying of benzoyl peroxide or the peeling and
irritation of salicylic acid.

  • Fights off bad bacteria

    Nerd Skincare products naturally neutralize acne-causing bacteria for healthier, blemish-free skin.

  • No side effects

    Keeps facial ecosystem in balance naturally with no side effects such as redness, dryness, flakiness, or skin sensitivity.

  • Replaces with good bacteria

    Fills the space taken up by acne-causing bacteria with good bacteria, which helps prevent future breakouts.

Got problem with Acnes?

Get rid of acne three times faster with our Acne Treatment system.

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The Best Acne Treatment Revolves Around You.

All you need to clear your skin and keep it that way.

Each one is powerful on its own, but they’re even better together.

  • Clarifying Cleanser

    A gentle, 100% plant-derived cleanser that gets the job done without drying out your skin.
Best for sensitive skin.

    Killing the seed of acne

    We can’t stress enough the importance of cleansing to remove the dirt and oil that may contribute to the clogging of your pores, and therefore, acne.

    Thus, NERD Clarifying Cleanser helps leaving your skin unburdened and free to breathe.

  • Acne Treatment Lotion

    A unique formula that clears acne by creating an ecosystem of perfectly balanced facial flora. No benzoyl peroxide, no salicylic acid. No retinoid & antibiotics.

    Arming Your Good Bacteria

    Lightweight, colorless treatment that activates your face to kill bad, acne-causing bacteria. Furthermore, it nurtures good, acne- fighting bacteria without side-effects.

    Acne Treatment Lotion use your
good bateria to fix acne.

  • Nourishing Cream

    Specifically designed to help wound healing, repair damaged skin and fix problems caused by harsh chemically based acne products contain harmful chemicals.

    Repairing & Healing

    Acne skin is usually damaged and more sensitive. Here, we make your skin healthier again, with an active layer of immunity to fight acne.

    Our cream feeds skin with ceramides and moisture, and helps skin rebuild its own protective, acne-resisting barrier.

  • Step 1

    Always starts with
Clarifying Cleanser before
    treating acne.

  • Step 2

    After cleansing, apply a thin
    layer of Acne Treatment Lotion to
    areas with acne.

  • Step 3

    Identify your acne types and use
    a blemish extractor if needed. See the detailed-how-to >>

  • Step 4

    Clean the wound if needed.
    Apply Acne Treatment lotion
    again to avoid scars.

  • Step 5

    For oily skin, apply Nourishing
    Cream only on the acne areas
    after extraction.

Know acne better.

Treat them faster.

Acne can only be treated when you
truly understand them.

Find out more and be skin-caring

NERD in a lifetime.


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Lauren H.
United States


wont ever use any other skincare. love it

Emily Coster
United States

Happy with results

I recently got the sample kit because I figured spending $10 on something that may or may not work was a lot better than $200. I've been using it once a day (only use it at night because my mornings start anywhere between 3:30 and 5:30 and I'm way too tired to really care about anything that early) for five days, and I already see a huge improvement. My face is usually ungodly dry after washing it because my town uses waaay too much chlorine in the water and the products I used before were super irritating to my skin, so I have double trouble, and my face is no longer dry and it hasn't itched since I started using the kit. My acne has almost completely disappeared, and being in the middle of the time when my acne is the worst, I'm really impressed. I will definitely be buying the full system!


I think it's magic...

I mean, the price is crazy high, but considering how much I have already spent on acne products that don't work makes me believe it really isn't all that expensive. I ordered the serum/lotion first, and I must say my skin took a while but my pores are much smaller and my acne has majorly faded. I have hormonal acne and this stuff does keep it under control. I then ordered the small trial kit to see how it all works together and now I see why the specialists say you need all three. The face wash is like magic in a bottle; no drying or residue. The serum is simple and seems to be lasting a while. [Says 2-3 months but we shall see]. The lotion is what I think is the most amazing because it heals popped pimples over night; reduces redness and speeds the healing process. [Now I know why it's the most expensive.] My opinion, it totally works. And that's coming from someone who has used everything: Bioclarity, Proactive, Acne One, etc.


So far so good..

I ordered the sample kit...2 days into using it I purchased the full size bottles. Let me just start off by saying I have been dealing with acne since I was 14 (I'm 32).. I have tried everything..Murad, Philosophy, Glycolic Acid toners, homeopathic remedies (disastrous), Proactiv, all the OTC cleansers/treatments you can think of, Clinique..the list goes on. All of this **** either had benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. My skin responded more to benzoyl peroxide but I was getting so tired of the peeling skin, redness, sun sensitivity, and of course.. bleaching my freaking colored sheets and towels! I was so tired of it I decided to just go cold turkey and cut all these products out. Like clock work, one month later my face was a zit war zone. A combination of tiny, small, flesh colored, un-expressable bumps, huge ruby-red zits, and super clogged keratosis pilaris like bumps ALL around my hair line. It was awful. I even tried crawling back to proactiv for a bit only to realize I'd be defeating the purpose of trying to rid my skin of these chemicals! So I decided to try NERD...2 days in and my skin has significantly calmed down. All the spots where I've picked and tried to pop zits flattened and are healing. There's no irritation, no stinging, no drying (even though it says u may experience drying)...the products have zero scent and they just get straight to work. I'm hoping i'm not speaking too soon but so far, I'm a believer. The treatment lotion is basically a water-like consistency. Careful with application because this is where you can over-use the product and its wasteful considering all this stuff is so $$$. I just use one drop at a time to carefully apply it to all my blemishes. I only put the nourishing cream on areas of my face that are super inflamed or are still healing. It's a pretty rich cream, so I'm assuming you may put urself at risk of clogging your pores if you rub it all over your face. The instructions tell you to only apply it to affected areas only too. I'm totally keeping my fingers crossed and hoping this is the key to all my acne problems! If you're hesitant, just order the sample..its $15 with the shipping...yes, its tiny but just use it smartly... less is more :) Good luck to you all! #pimplefightersunite

Alison H.
United States

It's taken a bit, but I think I've found....

It's taken a bit for me to find the perfect amount of each lotion. The directions say a lot goes a long way, and they mean it. Some days I only use the acne lotion. This line doesn't help with the small white heads and black heads though. I think I will go to a dermatologist and see what I need to do. I am 37 and think I will try the new ageless line too!