Acne Treatment System

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Because the Best Acne Treatment Kills The Acne Without Killing Your Skin

Because side effects suck even more than acne does, we’ve created a triple threat without the regret. A smart, simple, three-part system that biologically activates your skin’s own acne-fighting powers to clear your face without skin-destroying chemicals. You get no pimples. No peeling. No bleaching. No redness. No burning. And no regrets. Nothing, in fact, but clear skin. Finally.

The Best Acne Treatment Revolves Around You

The Smartest Germ Warfare Anywhere

By bringing microbiome research to acne and acne bacteria, we’ve found a way to get rid of acne three times faster than conventional products — without the bleaching and drying of benzoyl peroxide or the peeling and irritation of salicylic acid. 

Why The System?

All you need to clear your skin and keep it that way. Each one is powerful on its own, but they’re even better together.

1. NERD Clarifying Cleanser

Make sure acne has nowhere to hide.

Gentle, soap-free cleanser that keeps acne bacteria from breeding and leaves skin soft and smooth.

Cleansing Your face

Acne bacteria hates oxygen, and when clogged pores become the perfect anaerobic environment for acne bacteria to thrive, you begin to break out. We can’t stress enough the importance of cleansing to remove the dirt and oil that may contribute to the clogging of your pores, and therefore, acne. It’s also equally important not to add ANY unnecessary additives or chemicals to your face, leaving your skin unburdened and free to breathe.

2. NERD Acne Treatment 

Turn your shame face into your game face within a week!

Lightweight, colorless treatment that activates your face to kill bad, acne-causing bacteria and to nurture good, acne- fighting bacteria without the damaging effects of benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid.

Arming Your Good Bacteria

Of course, getting rid of existing acne is a top priority — and we don't just achieve that — we do it in the most advanced, effective, safe way, backed by science and free of side effects.

3. NERD Nourishing Cream 

Solve the problems created by other acne ‘solutions.’

Rich, greaseless cream that soothes inflammation caused by harsh chemically based acne products, feeds skin with ceramides and moisture, and helps skin rebuild its own protective, acne-resisting barrier.

Repairing and Healing

Acne skin is usually damaged and more sensitive. Especially when you are left with side effects such as sensitivity, redness, flakiness or dryness by other acne products. Here, we make your skin healthier again, with an active layer of immunity to fight acne.


After cleansing, apply a thin layer to areas with acne and follow the instructions below!


"Best acne treatment system I’ve ever used!" by Joanne Landison

I don't have a huge problem with acne, but I do however get the occasional breakout, or a deep pimple, and with this super hot summer I have noticed my face is much more oily *yuck*...But I am all about cleaning my face every morning and every night! So many products leave your skin dry, and irritated, some even burn your skin, and leave your precious face red, dry and itchy😕 But honestly ,NERD Skincare on the other hand uses a different approach to solving these problems. My face has never felt better, and looked better! I haven't put makeup on in over a week! It leaves no icky residues, and my face isn't dried out, or red, or anything but nice, clean and has a terrific healthy glow to it that I haven't seen in a long time! This truly is the BEST skincare system I've ever used!

"Works Great!" by Nana

I have been using this NERD Skincare System for a couple of weeks now. I really like it! My face is not dried out and flaky like it often is with other products. I have experienced no irritation, excessive dryness, or other problems. It seems to be helping my body bring the impurities to the surface, which is not to say that it is causing a breakout. What I mean is that there are few places where I could see a whitehead, but it was trapped deep enough below the surface to be unremovable. Several of these spots have now come to the surface, have been removed, and that spot is healed. AWESOME! I can't really say I suffer from acne, that would be a stretch of the truth, however, I do suffer from a few bumps and zits mostly on the nose and chin area. This product has helped to clear those areas up without causing redness or discomfort.  

"Finally an acne treatment that works!" by Tesseon

What a wonderful acne treatment system. My daughters face seems to break out more during school with athletic's. This system is amazing. It has made a huge difference in my daughters self-esteem. It has also been the answer to my forehead and nose breakouts. We both have very sensitive skin so I was very pleased to see that this product doesn't have benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid, leaving us with beautiful, glowing skin without the dry, burning places we've experienced with previous acne treatment products. It took approximately a week to notice a complete difference, but after about 3 or 4 days we both started noticing clearing.

My review is based strictly on personal use as well as supervised use on my daughter. This treatment system includes acne treatment, nourishing cream and a clarifying cleanser. You must follow the directions for it to be effective. We have had wonderful results with this product and I would and have recommend it to anyone who has acne. I love how soft and clear our faces are. One thing to keep in mind is that it does seem like you are not getting very much product, BUT.. a little bit goes a long way. I promised my daughter to continue purchasing the NERD Skincare Acne Treatment System as long as we are able to, it really has worked.